Welcome to Poseidon Newfoundlands
Welcome to Poseidon Newfoundlands
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Kerry and Craig Dennis

Encinitas Ca, USA

Home: 858 759-5672

Cell: 858 354-5672

Poseidon Newfoundlands is located in beautiful Encinitas, San Diego County in Southern California 

About Poseidon Newfoundlands

Welcome to Poseidon Newfoundlands. We are committed to producing Newfs with beautiful conformation, sound structure and gentle temperament.

My name is Kerry Dennis. My husband Craig and I began our adventure with Newfoundlands in 1981 when we bought our first Newfy puppy from Tapakeg Newfoundlands near Los Angeles. When Gus, (Tapakeg’s Nobel Captain Angus) came into our lives our lifelong love affair with this breed began. Gus was an amazing dog, the epitome of what a Newfoundland should be – gentle, fun loving, smart, and a friend to all We had great fun training and showing Gus. I trained him for his CD and Craig got his Draft Dog and Water Rescue Dog titles. He also did some showing, getting some of Gus’ points towards his confirmation Championship. By 1986 Gus had earned his Versatile Newfoundland title.

We took a break from showing and training Newfoundlands for quite a number of years as our two sons were growing up and were into various sports that took up most of our weekends. When the boys went off to college I bought Chocolate Mousse from Tarbeary Newfoundlands in North Carolina, and although she did not turn out to be the show dog we had hoped for, she has become an amazing therapy dog. After becoming certified with Paws’itive Teams as a therapy dog Mousse and I began working with the Helen Woodward Animal Center PET program, and Mousse and I have been visiting children in protective custody each week for four years now. Working as a Therapy Dog team with Mousse has been a wonderful experience that has brought a lot of joy to my life. Both Vinny and Maddy are also certified Therapy Dogs with Paws’itive Teams and Helen Woodward and I have enjoyed working in various facilities with each of them.

Craig and I are members of the San Diego Newfoundland Club (I am a board member) the Southern California Newfoundland Club and the Newfoundland Club of America.

We are not a breeding kennel, just Newfoundland lovers who will have a litter if we feel that we can offer something to the breed by breeding for temperament and good health. Our philosophy on raising dogs is simple. First and foremost, each and every one of our Newfs is a family member. We derive incredible joy from this wonderful breed, and feel that every Newfoundland should have a special place in their owners' lives and home. For this reason, whether our pups are going to their new homes as show dogs or pets, all Poseidon Newfoundland pups are sold only to people and families that are seeking an indoor family dog, who will not be just a pet, but a cherished family member.

Any dog or bitch that we breed will be OFA cleared for hips and elbows. This means our dogs have been certified free of hip and elbow dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Since dysplasia is a serious inherited problem in Newfoundlands one can appreciate the importance of buying a pup from OFA certified parents, with certified grandparents and ancestors in their pedigrees. . Another problem in the breed is an inherited condition of the heart - subaortic stenosis or SAS. This is an untreatable heart condition that can significantly shorten the life of a dog. Buying one that has been heart checked by a certified cardiologist can help to eliminate the risk of getting a puppy with an inherited or congenital heart problem. All of our pups will be thoroughly checked by our certified cardiologist before they are released to their new homes at 10 weeks of age.

We feel that it extremely important that you choose a breeder who will be there for you should anything arise. We will offer lifetime breeder support. We will never be too busy to help answer any of your questions, or to help you with any problems that you may encounter with any puppy that comes from Poseidon Newfoundlands.

We love to talk about Newfoundlands and welcome your calls. The Newfs just love to entertain visitors so come by to see the gang if you are thinking about acquiring a Newfoundland.


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